Don’t visit your customer without knowing this first.

Starting a computer repair businessIt is well known that keeping in touch with customers can help you generate repeat business.  This approach doesn’t really put the computer repair business owner in control though, relying on the customer to call when they next want a problem fixed.

You can change this by simply asking a few more questions and recording key information.  People love talking about themselves so all you have to do is ask the right questions and you’ll have all the information you need to turn a once or twice per year customer into a regular source of income.

Usually when I do a job for a first time customer I will make copious notes about their computer and their computer use.  The details I note down are: Continue reading

Are you afraid of asking for payment?

Starting a computer repair businessWhen I first started my computer repair business I found the hardest part of running my business was asking customers for payment.  I used to feel awkward and uncomfortable, guilty that I was actually asking for money – quite often I used to even apologise!

As you can imagine, that isn’t the makings of a successful business and it was something I had to overcome very quickly.  Even now I sometimes lose my nerve and end up charging less than I really should but I have become considerably better.

Here are a few steps to make sure you feel confident asking for payment and that you are charging appropriately for your time: Continue reading

Do you need certifications to start your computer repair business?

starting a computer repair business

One of the questions I receive most frequently is “Do I need certifications to start a computer repair business?” There are a lot of newbies that just don’t know if it’s even legal to fix a computer without a license.

They know a bit about the A+ certification, by CompTIA. They may also know about the MCSE. Whoops! They changed the name of that certification years ago! Oh, yeah, then they changed it back. All of this computer repair certification stuff is confusing, anyway. Continue reading

Does good customer service actually pay? The answer may shock you.

When I first got into the computer repair business I knew I wanted to deliver outstanding customer service. I understood that I was only going to grow my business if people said good things about me and recommended my company to their friends and family members.

Starting a computer repair business

Over the last several years I’ve found that just about everyone else who gets into this business starts out the same. Sometimes, though, people end up getting jaded and forgetting about all of that (or just not caring anymore).

As the work piles up you’re going to get less and less patient with your customers. You’re not going to want to spend the extra ten minutes delivering an experience that leaves them completely satisfied. You’re going to tell them it’s not your problem and they didn’t pay for that.
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Puppy Dogs and Profitability?

Collecting Information and Planting Bugs = Profitability

Starting a computer repair business

Selling is like a spy game. You have to collect all of the information you can so that you can plant bugs in your customer’s ear. You need to get them to sell themselves on whatever it is you want them to buy. You see, people hate it when they’re being sold to. They love buying, though.
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Becoming a Productivity Powerhouse. Why didn’t I do this before?

Starting a computer repair business: Getting Organized.

If you have been following our articles by now you probably have learned everything you need to start your home pc repair business. Hopefully, they have also inspired you to take it even a step further and you may have started your own business.

It is an exciting process for sure but between marketing, acquiring new clients, doing the actual repairs, and taking care of the legal side of things, you may be wondering how to juggle it all.

Today, you’ll learn how to do this.
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Getting your first paying customers without spending a CENT on advertising.

first customer

In our last post, we discussed the tools you’ll need to handle the most common requests for a PC repair business. In this post, you’ll learn how to start finding your first customers. After that, you’ll learn how to grow your business to the next level – all while maintaining a virtually nonexistent overhead.

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Starting a Computer Repair Business from Home – A Killer Guide

This is the first part in a three part series designed to help you with starting a computer repair business from home. It provides essential information on the basic tools and skills you’ll need. In the second part, you’ll learn how to find your very first paying client without spending a cent on advertising. In the third part, you’ll learn how to take your home based computer business to the next level, turning it into a full-time, self-sustaining career.

starting a computer repair business from homeThey say that anything you do that costs money is a hobby. If it earns a profit, it’s a business. If you’re here, reading this article, you’re probably already heavily involved in IT – as a hobby. Thankfully, the tools you’ll need for starting a computer repair business from home are the same you probably already have.

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Be a farmer NOT a hunter in your computer repair business.

Want to learn how to maximize profits with your computer repair business? One of the most effective ways to grow your computer repair business is by treating it like a farming operation, and not a hunting expedition. You might not understand what any of that has to do with a newsletter, but you will by the time you get done reading this blog post.

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